PBF is a technology-independent digital service provider, a business process developer and an ICT implementer.

We help our clients merge businesses, renew and upgrade ICT solutions and productize digital services. Our services cover everything needed from the client need analysis, pre-studies and feasibility studies to the solution design and project management.

We also act as the development partner for our clients, from the design and productization of value-added services to continuous operation and support services as well as development services.

Our clientships and industry know-how focus on the energy, construction and real estate as well as technology industries. We are speacilized in the sales and customer relationship management processes as well as the procure-to-pay processes.

Our services

Extensive expertise in business processes

PBF is an expert company in the digitalization of business processes and in the definition, choice and implementation of information systems meeting the requirements of our clients. Our services cover everything needed from the client need analysis, pre-studies and feasibility studies to the solution design and project management. With continuous operation, support and development services we ensure that the business processes and solutions stay on the top of the industry. Our services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Merging businesses

Are you planning to merge a business area with your partner company or your competitor? Our practical experience will accelerate the launch of the merged business and achieving cost savings.

Digitalization of company functions

Do you aim to build the most competitive business process in the industry? Our expertise makes your processes measurable, eliminates the manual steps in the workflow and supports process monitoring and management.

Change of information system

Do you want to ensure professional project management and to avoid the usual challenges? You can count on our expertise in project risk management and selecting the best practices and tools suited to each situation.

Preliminary studies

Do you wish to improve your customer experience and target your products and services to better meet customer needs? Our understanding of the service needs of your customers and the use of external data sources (e.g. Datahub) provides a solid foundation for business planning, actions for cost-effectiveness and new products and services.

New product and service concepts

Are you seeking a competitive advantage from the new value-added services directed at your customers? Our customer orientation helps you to structure the needs of your customers and stakeholders, design and pilot new services and be your partner in the further development of the services.

Operation, support and development services

Do you need a professional partner for digital service design, piloting and support? Our knowledge and personnel will provide additional expertise and strengthen the development and operational resources of your team.

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Contact us

You can reach us via phone or email. In the team section you can find our personal contact information. You can also email us at info(at)pbf.fi, or use the contact form below and wait for us to get back to you. Our billing address can be found here.

Ali Saravirta

Business services, sales and tenders
Phone: +358 50 50 29789
Email: firstname.surname(at)pbf.fi

Miia Keinänen

Administration and finance, invoicing, HR, marketing
Phone: +358 45 13 35518
Email: firstname.surname(at)pbf.fi


Our office is located in the IVH campus at Laserkatu 6, 53850 Lappeenranta. Please book an appointment in advance.


Project Business Oy Finland
Hatanpään valtatie 24, 3. kerros
33100 Tampere
(Regus – Tampere, Dynamo).

Strong experience

Meet our team

Our experienced team of experts stands you in good stead for developing your business. Underneath you will find our personal contact information. Contact us and we will help you to succeed!


hannu kostiainen

Senior Advisor, M.Sc.(Tech.)
Phone: +358 400 321 654

Miia Keinänen

Administration and Financial Manager, M.Sc.(Econ.)
Phone: +358 45 13 35518

arto sopanen

Mikko Tynkkynen

Petri Syrjänen


Pia Laakkonen

Lotta Lager



Board of directors

Know-how on digital business

Our board of directors consists of Business Angel Ari Korhonen, Senior Advisor Hannu Kostiainen and Managing Director Ali Saravirta. For more information about the Members of the Board please click on the profile pictures.

Ari Korhonen

Experience:Entrepreneurial experience in the software and services business of the energy sector (Komartek Oy). Professional in management and venture capital investments. Industry expertise: Energy, Software and Services.Responsibilities: Business strategies, especially in the areas of IT services and ICT solutions, and the development of company board.


Chairman of the Board,  M.Sc.(Tech.)
Managing Director, Lagoon Capital Oy

Hannu Kostiainen

Member of the board, M.Sc.(Tech.)
Senior Advisor, Project Business Oy Finland


Member of the board, M.Sc.(Tech.)
Senior Advisor, Project Business Oy Finland

Ali Saravirta

Experience: Digital business, business process development, project management, goal setting and measurement, enterprise networking. Dissertation on the best practices, measurement and success factors in the project business.
Industry expertise: Energy and Environment, Construction, Service Business (Logistics, Maintenance, Consulting), Technology Industries (Electronics, Machine and Metal Products, ICT, Engineering Offices). Responsibility: Key Client Management as well as business planning, development and management.


Member of the board, D.Sc.(Tech.)
Managing Director and founder, Project Business Oy Finland


Project Business Oy Finland
Laserkatu 6
53850 Lappeenranta

Katso reittiohjeet (Google maps)


Project Business Oy Finland
Hatanpään valtatie 24, 3. kerros
33100 Tampere



Project Business Oy Finland
Laserkatu 6
53850 Lappeenranta

E-invoicing address: FI1056200920175105
Finnish VAT number: FI07506688

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Let us discuss the actions that we can do together in order to increase the sales revenue or improve the cost-effectiveness of your company. Please leave us your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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